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License number: 1069100
License type: Home and Community Based Services – Community Residential Setting
License Holder: Mykkanen Foster & Waivered Services Inc
Capacity: 4
Type of license: This community residential setting license is a satellite operating under 245D-HCBS Program License Number 1069095; and providing Community Residential Services: Foster Care services or supported living services Certification: Adult Mental Health Certification – Community Residential Setting – Site Specific
Type of Services:
License Holder Lives on site: No
Licensing Authority:Wright County Health and Human Services

Our 24/7 1-bed AFC in Annandale, Minnesota has no openings at this time for adults in need of CRISIS RESPITE. A client can remain, based on team approval, 1 day to 6 months. This CRISIS RESPITE setting can provide services to persons who have or are in the process of getting CADI and DD waivers, with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Dual diagnosis of Mental Illness and Developmental Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, Memory Losses, Hearing and Vision Losses, and minor/moderate behaviors that do not include attempts of suicide or seriously hurting self. This CRISIS RESPITE is the basement level of a Ranch style house with one bedroom, bathroom with stand up shower, kitchen, dining room, living room and staff bedroom. The laundry room is also in the basement and is shared with the 4 upstairs residents. The 4 residents are not allowed in the CRISIS RESPITE basement apartment, and the CRISIS RESPITE client would not be allowed to be upstairs. A locked door and flight of stairs separates them from going to the opposite floor of house. The staff ratio for this service is 1:1. All direct care new hires are trained in the diagnosis, plans and goals of the CRISIS RESPITE client, agency policy and procedures, and specific courses prior to working as a direct care staff. The direct care staff receive annual training in the areas of CPR/First Aid, Medication Administration, Behavior Intervention and Positive support Strategies, Mental Health and specific policies and procedures. Mykkanen’s provides home and community activities based on the preferences, abilities, and staffing/service agreement of the resident. Mykkanen’s also annually sponsors and runs three Winter Activity Nights in the months of January, February, and March that typically involve dancing and Bingo where prizes and snack is provided, and other local providers are invited to attend. Mykkanen’s also annually offers a parade-potluck on the Fourth of July, a Christmas party in December, and a Company Picnic each year for Mykkanen clients and their families. Annandale has a high school. Vocational providers include the option of Functional Industries in Buffalo and ATHC in Winsted. Annandale has a library, bowling alley, Lake, parks, sit down and fast food restaurants, gas/convenience stores, down town shops and dollar store.

Contact Name- Traci Kieffer
Contact Phone Number- 320-286-2772, ext 12
Contact e-mail- tkieffer_mykkanens@aol.com

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