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Tibesso G Abu AFC

TIBESSO G ABU AFC is a state and county licensed entity or family adult foster care that provides person centered services by considering people’s desires, values, family situations, social circumstances and lifestyles; seeing the person as an individual, and working together to develop appropriate solutions. Our person-centered approach will convey compassion, thinking about things from the person’s point of view, being respectful, and responding to people’s needs appropriately.

Our person-centered approach shows through sharing decisions with a client and helping a client to manage his or her health and physical well-being by measuring his or her ability. We strive to get to know our client as a person and recognizing his or her individuality, seeing our clients as an expert about their own health and care. A client who may choose to reside to our place will have preferences in their dietary needs, transportation, medication and administration, emotional support, and 24 hours care services.  Tibesso G Abu AFC ensure that any client who choose to reside with us will have a great opportunity to receive a person-centered service by making sure they are physically comfortable and safe.  We appreciate and invite anyone who has the desire to consider our place as his or her future home. Please note that Tibesso G Abu AFC assures to deliver a person-centered service through consistency by treating our client with respect and dignity. The continuity of our services will consist of respecting and responding to our client’s need by recognizing what’s important to him or her, and accepting their spiritual values, origin, race, ethnicity, social values and beliefs.

Things to do or Community access within a proximity: Walgreens or CVS Pharmacy, shopping center, Cub foods, Target, Beauty Shops, Fast Chains/Restaurants, and many more.

Thank you so much for considering our adult foster care as your future home and we look forward to scheduling a tour and looking forward to working with you soon.

Tibesso Abu

Owner, and Manager

  • Additional details
  • Address: 2112 Hawthorne Ave E, Saint Paul, MN 55119
  • Contact Persons Phone Number: 651-497-9434  E-mail: atibesso@gmail.com
  • Contact Person: Tibesso Abu
  • Current Openings. 1 (one)
  • Capacity: 1
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Additional Details

  • Languages Spoken::English
  • Contact Persons Phone Number:6514979434
  • Contact Person:Tibesso G Abu
  • Current Openings at this time: 1
  • Capacity:1
  • Services:Foster Care Services or Supported Living Service
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  • County:Ramsey
  • License Type/License Number:245 D Wavier
  • DHS,HCPD Link:1105362
  • Funding accepted:DD Waiver, CAC, CADI Waiver, TBI, Elderly Waiver, Private Pay, Medical Assistance
  • Disabilities types accepted or work with::Intellectual Disability (DD), Mental Health(MI), Behavioral Issues, Autism, Learning Disability, Memory Loss, Physical Disability

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  • Tuesday09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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