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Welcome to Bethesda!!

Operating hundreds of programs in 13 states, Bethesda seeks to impact as many lives as possible through our many service lines. From supporting people’s dreams to work in meaningful jobs, get a college education, go to church or live in homes they choose, our program locations give people with intellectual and developmental disabilities opportunities to build connections in their local communities.

We provide an evolving spectrum of supports that reflect the needs and desires of the people and families we serve, guided by our faith-based mission, vision and values.  We are proud to create and offer forward-thinking solutions to provide choices and opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Our services in Minnesota include:

  • Bethesda’s Life Sharing Homes match people with intellectual and developmental disabilities directly with people in the community who are looking for an opportunity to welcome them into their homes, lives and families.  Living in a home gives the people we support the benefits of living on their own, but in a supportive, family-like setting where they can gain independence and form strong, lasting relationships.  Our Shared Living Providers assist the person they support with their daily lives, including:
      • Supporting their health & happiness
      • Seeing friends and family
      • Managing school and job schedules
      • Getting to appointments
      • Paying bills and keeping track of finances
      • Engaging in social activities (volunteering, church, clubs, community events)
      • And more!
  • Community Based Homes: When a person chooses to live in one of Bethesda’s community-based group homes, they join a small group of other housemates. They have the opportunity to choose whom they live with in the home, decorate their rooms to their personal tastes and preferences, and engage with their housemates how they choose. Bethesda’s caring staff work one-on-one with each person in the home, providing around-the-clock support.
  • Bethesda Career Connections assists you or your loved one with finding and thriving in the right job. Bethesda’s Career Connections helps people we support develop confidence, independence and new job skills. Here are a few ways we can help:
    • Employee Matching: We use our vast employer networks to find employment matching career interests and skills.
    • Application Support: We provide necessary support and resources to navigate applications and interviews throughout the hiring process.
    • Ongoing Support: We partner with employees and their managers to provide customized employment planning, skills assessments and on-site job coaching.
    • Government Agency Partner: We work with Vocational Rehabilitation and waiver services to help obtain, maintain and advance employment for people with disabilities.

Life Sharing Providers-please contact April for details

Saint Paul, MN (Ramsey County) – 1 Open Bed

Chanhassen, MN (Carver County) – 1 Open Bed

Group Homes – please contact April for openings

Career Connections – please contact April for more information

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