Here is how to get Started:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign-In/Sign-up (top right-hand corner)
  3. While logged in Click + ADD LIST
  4. Click continue on the Membership package you would like.
  5. Fill out listing
  6. Click the “Claim Now!” button (bottom right-fill out)
  7. Then click the “I Agree” box and Save and preview.
  8. Then Click Pay and Publish (bottom RIGHT on same page as the preview)
  9. You will be able to update your ad after MAFO approves it.

Skip adding the photos if you are having issues and send them to, I will add them-they have to be a certain size and if they are too big of photos, you will not be able to proceed.


MAFOs Plans are ALL set for renewal, no big deal to cancel- just send us a quick email, lots of our work is entered manually and require a email notice to discontinue.  


VIDEOS ON HOW TO USE (click on title)

How to Sign in/ Sign Up

How to Create a listing




1. SINGLE AD MEMBERSHIP:   25.00 mo.

a. Get in our our searchable directory by category, name and location.

b. Make sure to click the “Openings list” in the categories sections (only your 1 main ad).

b. 1-2 ads  (1-2 homes or facilities)–  $25.00 mo/. (Reoccurring)


2. Business AD MEMBERSHIP: 59.00 mo.

a. Get on Openings list which is Sent to Minnesota Social Workers (and anyone who signs up) 4x per month and is live on website 24/7 (middle portion of the openings list). The ad also revolves in our searchable directory by category and location.  See list  MAFOmn Openings List. Make sure to click the “Openings list” in the categories section (only on your 1 main ad).

b. 3-10/ads (3-10 homes or facilities) 

c. (1) 200×100 photo on front page w/link to your ad

d. COST $59.00/ month (Reoccurring)


3. Business AD PLUS MEMBERSHIP: 99.00 mo.

a. Get on the TOP portion of the Openings list in all caps (which is Sent to Minnesota Social Workers (and anyone who signs up) 4x per month and is live on website 24/7. The ad also revolves in our searchable directory by category and location.  See list  MAFOmn Openings List.   Make sure to click the “Openings list” in the categories section. (only your 1 main ad).

b. (1)LARGE Front  page photo with link to your website 

d. All your listings on Openings page as needed. (11 plus-unlimited homes or facilities)

e. (1) photos with link to your ad on emails

f. $99.00 mo.


Additional fee may apply to setting up Photo/Link for ad, 1st one free.

Design/advertising setup work, $60.00 an hour.  Email for estimate on projects.


Please check the following:

  1. Is your contact information correct?
  2. Does your ad reflect your current openings?
  3. Are your links working correctly?
  4. Send yourself an email through site to verify you are getting them (check your SPAM)
  5. Make sure you have claimed your opening
  6. Add photos (facility, staff, common shared spaces, photo of room available)
  7. Update your description (Male, female, Type of disability taken, waivers accepted etc.)
  8. Qualifications, information on the type of home/business.
  9. Check for referral traffic to your website (mafomn sends a lot of referral traffic to your business website).
  10. Please use 1 email address when communicating with MAFOmn (username, payment and emails).For HOUSING ALWAYS click 3 Categories for search purposes:
    1. A-Openings List
    2. ALL ADULT HOUSING TYPES for persons with disabilities

******PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CLAIM YOUR LISTING by going to your ad and in the bottom right hand corner, click Claim Now and follow the prompts.



Go to “Sign-In/Sign-up” (top right), then Login, enter your Email and password

Once logged in Hover over your name in top right corner and click on “Dashboard”

Then on the LEFT side of the screen you will see inbox, click on that (that will show the SW’s that have emailed you through our site).

****Emails should filter to your email (the one you signed up with), but some systems have spam filter set very high and they may not get through.


To edit your AD, Go to our website:

Go to “Sign-In/Sign-up” (TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER), then Login, enter your Username/Email and password, Once logged in Click on your username in the Top right-hand corner, then hover over your name and in the drop down click on DASHBOARD.

Then, In the Left Column click on “Listings”, you will then see your listing-

To the right there is 3 DOTS or Title click on those and pick the drop down EDIT to edit your ad.

You are on the Openings page: Please reference this number if you need MAFO staff to make changes.  This number may change, please verify on website.

Thanks- if you have any questions please contact me via email, Mary


******MAFO Directory Plans are set for automatic renewals for either 1 month to date or 1 year to date.   If you would like to cancel your renewal/ad, please contact us in writing and let us know you would like your ad canceled 7 days prior to the end date.  By paying for your original ad you are acknowledging this is MAFO’s policy.  Our credit card processing company charges  2.9% plus .30 on all transactions.  If you request a refund you will be charged the 2.9% plus .30 on all transactions.