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  • ALL ADULT HOUSING TYPES for persons with disabilities
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Additional Details

  • Languages Spoken::English, Somali, Arabic
  • Contact Persons Phone Number:7634863709
  • Contact Person:Alyssa Marie Jedlicka
  • Current Openings at this time: 1
  • Capacity:Minneapolis
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  • County:Hennepin
  • License Type/License Number:35407
  • Funding accepted:DD Waiver, CADI Waiver, TBI, Elderly Waiver, Private Pay, Medical Assistance
  • Handicap accessibility: Ramp, Bathroom Hand Rails
  • Disabilities types accepted or work with::Intellectual Disability (DD), Mental Health(MI), Behavioral Issues, Autism, Chronic Illness, Hearing Loss and Deafness, Learning Disability, Memory Loss, Physical Disability, Vision Loss

United Chapters Living INC. is committed to a persons centered approach by providing community based residential services for those with medical , mental illness, intellectual, and developmental challenges.
As a provider we inspire to intertwine the person’s needs and wants to create a road map of desired outcomes. Our belief is that the person will thrive with the right combination of tools, understanding, and respect.

United Chapter’s Living, Inc. assists clients with high medical and behavioral needs, those with developmental disabilities, and clients who are recovering from the effects of mental health issues to help them live successfully and safely in the community. Our spectrum of residential services range from our most supported and supervised level of care, 24- hour customized living, to a lesser restrictive program offering a range of supervision/support options, from 24/7 to partial day. In all of our programs, we offer a seamless system of supports that will address each client’s specific needs through individualized programming. The provision of a safe and therapeutic environment that rewards and encourages more adaptive behavior is instrumental in helping our clients succeed in the community. Person Centered Planning is the backbone of our program. Rather than shaping the person to fit the environment, we shape the environment to fit the person. Clients are given the opportunity to learn coping mechanisms, improve relationships, practice independent living and work skills, express creativity, explore spirituality and improve their overall health with physical fitness, nutrition, and effective medication solutions. Our clients find success working with a dedicated professional staff who maintains a clear vision of the desired outcomes specific to each person’s plan. Our team of qualified individuals assists in helping gain self-respect, self-confidence, and self- understanding in order to gain any level of access into ones’ community. Our mission as a whole is to create positive change in each individual’s life.

Customized living (CL): An individualized package of regularly scheduled health-related and supportive services provided to a person who resides in a qualified, registered housing with services establishment. 24-hour customized living (CL): Customized living services provided with 24-hour supervision.

Activities of daily living (ADL) assistance

• Bathing • Continence care • Dressing • Eating • Grooming • Oral hygiene • Ques/ Reminders with all of the above • Positioning • Transferring • Use of wheelchair • Walking.

Assistance with mental health, cognitive or behavioral concerns

• Agitation • Anxiety • Orientation issues • Physical aggression • Property destruction • Self-injurious behavior • Verbal aggression • Wandering • Other mental health, cognitive or behavioral needs.

Health-related assistance

• Assistance with therapeutic exercises • Delegated clinical monitoring • Delegated nursing tasks • Help with medication (e.g., set-up and monitoring, visual or verbal reminders, administration or assistance with self-administration) • Insulin draws and injections • Summoning devices.

Home management tasks

• Arranging transportation • Housekeeping (heavy and light) • Laundry (personal items and linens) • Meal preparation (in his/her own living unit and a congregate setting) • Money management • Scheduling medical and non-medical appointments • Shopping. • Meal preparation • Goal setting • Fitness development • Obtaining a career, school, skill courses, etc. • Leisure activities, developing social skills

Non-medical transportation Non-medical transportation includes transportation of the person to support his/her access to the community. Socialization If the person receives socialization, it must be part of his/her service plan and related to established goals and outcomes.


United Chapters Living, Inc. is pleased to accept reimbursement from a variety of sources, including, Medical Assistance via CADI, DD, BI or Elderly Waivers. We also contract with private payers. There are also alternate funding sources that may be available to some individuals, based on need and condition. County social service agencies will be able to determine which funding streams an individual may be eligible for, or what screenings may be required in order to qualify for a DD, CADI, BI or Elderly Waiver. As for those who are qualified to pay rent their rent obligation will be determined case by case, we will work with all financial situations.

þ CADI Wavier þ DD Wavier þ BI Wavier þ Elderly Wavier þ Private Pay


• Residency- all counties in Minnesota • HIV/ AIDS • Homeless • Long-term/ Chronic homeless • Veteran • Men • Women (limited space) • LGBTQ • All others will be considered

Criminal Backgrounds- all will be considered depending upon program

Housing Description: Each program is specific to site coinciding with the population served.

Program Summary

• Customized Living • 4 housing opportunities per site • Permanent housing • Single site • Suburbs of Minneapolis, MS

Public Services and Security

• Train of bus within 1 mile, parking • Private parking on site


United Chapters Living, Inc. accepts referrals from in-patient psychiatric hospitals, clinical professionals, families, friends and associates to the psychiatric residential treatment program, independent living program and day treatment program. Self-referrals are also welcome. Calls are welcome to discuss your specific needs because our programming is individualized to support special circumstances.

Step 1: The interview

As part of the Admission Process, prospective clients are required to have an interview with the Company President along with a member of your support team. The assessment will take place in person. If the prospective client is currently in the hospital, United Chapters Living, Inc. will arrange for an assessment at your location. Interviews usually last approximately one hour. Assessment includes information regarding past and present physical and mental health history, existing symptoms, previous hospitalizations and treatment programs, criminal records, as well as any prior or current use of alcohol and drugs. Once the assessment is complete, the Company President determines whether the applicant is appropriate and recommends an appropriate level of care. The potential client will determine whether the potential setting is the right fit for their future.

Step 2: Admissions

While each individual is unique, clients can potentially complete the admission process within 48 hours of acceptance. However, in some cases, completion of all documentation and requirements may take a week or two. How to Expedite Admissions: The admission process proceeds quicker if all forms are faxed in advance of the initial interview, IE progress notes, hospitalizations, plans, case management assessments, anything that would allow to see the potential client in a ‘Snapshot’. In addition, all admissions require a simple physical exam. Having these documents readily available assists in the process.

Step 3: Scheduling a Tour

We find it very informative for potential clients to tour the campus. Our programming provides a unique mix of modalities to assist our clients in regaining access back into society. A tour also allows family members, case managers, guardians, and anything other vitals members of the client support team time to address any additional concerns and/or ask additional questions regarding the programming. We strongly recommend a tour of our homes; which may occur at any time during the admission process.

Step 4: After Admission

After admission, clients will be set with an intake date to the program; move in with be assisted by the program and the client’s support team. An intake meeting will take place on the day of ‘move in’, this will entail signing required documentation, establishing local providers, providing a position of contentment within the home. After the intake United Chapters Living, Inc. will be able to provide a comprehensive Care Plan and Treatment Plan. We will consider your diagnosis from your current provider and, with your permission, will seek input from family, current therapists, psychiatrists and other health providers.


Our mission is to provide effective means to a better life for our residents, as we inspire and empower a lifelong learning, advance self-knowledge, and strengthen our communities.

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