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Enrich inc. provides weekend and weekday Respite Services for Developmentally Disabled persons. Our services are based in the belief that people need stable, nurturing opportunities for self-expression, caring relationships, and the opportunity to develop and enjoy life. 

Residents staying at the Respite home enter a “family” structure which provides:
1) A safe and nurturing environment
2) Trained staff
3) Supervision of health and medical concerns
4) Age appropriate interactions, activities, and materials
5) Opportunities to express preferences and make decisions.

Our professional staff and the residents are integrated in a “family” environment, which provides stability, nurturing, and predictability. The stay at Respite also provides the person’s family time to relax and “regenerate”. The staff works with the residents, their families, and case managers to assess the resident’s needs, develop structure and expectations in areas such as communication, community integration, domestic skills, and leisure. 

Our Activities Coordinator researches activities and outings that ensure the client is having interesting and fun opportunities to experience.  Each week new plans are created that cater to the needs and interest of our Respite clients.  While they are staying at Respite our staff are trained to identity the clients likes and dislikes to use this information for future visits to better serve them.

The Respite home is located in a residential area on a quieter street. It is a single-family home which provides areas for privacy and common areas for daily activities and the pursuit of leisure activities. The home has a semi-private yards, which allow for outside activity with little intrusion from, or impact on, the neighbors if desired.

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