If you have any issues/questions email Mary@mafomn.com

How to submit a listing or add listing

Here is how to get Started:1. Sign-In/Sign-up (top right-hand corner)

2. While logged in Click + ADD LIST

3. Click continue on the Membership package you would like.

4. Fill out listing

5. Click the “Claim Now!“ button (bottom right-fill out)

6. Then click I Agree box and Save and preview.

7. Then Click Pay and Publish (bottom RIGHT on same page as the preview)

8. You will be able to update your ad after MAFO approves it.

If you having issues….Skip adding the photos and send them to mary@mafomn.com, I will add them-they have to be a certain size and if they are too big of photos, you will not be able to proceed.

Let me know if you need assistance. Mary

EMAIL mary@mafomn.com for assistance.

For Multiple listings, MAFO Staff can assist, contact Mary@mafomn.com

2- Promote- becoming a member

Promote your business by becoming a member. Use our additional advertising tools in your dashboard. https://www.mafomn.com/memberships/